Our Core Products


Flat Products

Mild Steel Plate- Commercial S235
Hard Wearing Plate
Chequer Plate
Commercial Quality – Cold Rolled Sheet
Galvanised Sheet
Commercial Quality – Hot Rolled Sheet
Reinforcing Mesh
Expanded Metal – Flattened& Raised

Engineering Steel & Vesconite

EN8 Bright
Silver Steel
Vesconite Hollow & Solid

Long Products

Channel Taper / Parallel Flange
Equal Angle
Unequal Angle
Flat Bar
Square Bar
Reinforcing Round Bar
Round Bar Mild, EN8 Bright
Universal Beam 350WA
Universal Column 350WA

Cold Formed Section

Cold Formed Section – Lipped Channel
Cold Formed Section – Angle Channel

Steel Cutting Services

Steel cutting services are critical to the manufacturing and construction industries. In these industries, steel is a ubiquitous material used for its strength and durability.

However, it often comes in large sheets or coils that must be cut into precise shapes and sizes before it can be utilized for specific applications. This is where steel cutting services come in. With the right cutting equipment and expertise, steel can be cut into various shapes and sizes to meet the needs of different applications.

These services offer several benefits such as precision, versatility, time and cost savings, and customization. By outsourcing steel cutting needs to a specialized service provider like the Steel Warehouse, businesses can ensure that their steel cutting requirements are met with the highest level of quality and efficiency.